We take your podcast video and create content for all platforms.

Our full-service video team selects the best bits from your podcast episode, creating optimized clips for each platform.

Recording your podcast is easy. Making the most of that recording is a headache.

How can you easily make the most of your podcast video footage?

A few of the 1,000+ videos we’ve edited

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Clip Selection

Don’t worry about which snippets from the episode to choose. Our in-house producers select the best parts for you.

Videos Formatted for All Platforms

Your videos will be optimized for the desired platforms, with subtitles included.


We add scroll-stopping, attention-grabbing headers to your clips.


We’ll put spell-checked subtitles on your videos for viewing on social media.

What our clients are saying

"I felt like they weren’t going to diminish the quality of my brand."
"I get more time for myself to do things I couldn't do if I was bogged down with edits."
"Using Edit Crew has allowed us to expand our services quickly and grow our business."
"It's like having someone in-house, who knows exactly what we wanted."

“Edit Crew is the best assistant editor I could ask for. Whether they’re taking the lead on an edit or putting the final touches on something I’ve been working on, having this team at my disposal has been amazing!”

– Patrick Frank, production company owner

“Working with Edit Crew has been such a game-changer. Now I can focus on what I do best (producing and shooting new content), and just pass all the footage along, knowing they’ll bring my vision to life. The entire process is quick, efficient, seamless and professional. I’d HIGHLY recommend them for bulk edits!”

– Lucie Fink, producer

“I would definitely recommend Edit Crew to any marketer in need of professional video services. They clearly can deliver high quality projects with short turnaround times, and on a budget.”

– Shachar, CMO

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