We Help Elite Video Production Companies Cut Editing Costs By

Getting High-Quality
Video Edits Shouldn't
Cost a Fortune

If you want to cut video editing costs by up to 70%

Augment and extend the capabilities of your in-house team…

And get a video edited with JUST 5 MINUTES of work…

Then pay attention. We’re about to rock your world.

What if your video production company could cut video editing costs by 70% while maintaining your quality standards?

If you’re like most people, when you hear the word offshoring, you think…”poor quality,” “slow turnarounds,” or “bad communication.”

Luckily, there’s a little-known, money-saving hack which your video production company can take advantage of…

A way to access a reliable, on-demand editing team in Latin America.

Before, Offshoring Your Editing Was Impossible.
Now, There's Edit Crew.

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Overpaying For North American Editors Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Offshoring your post-production means your video production company will save countless hours and thousands of dollars.

Want proof?

On average, our clients cut post-productions costs by 70%, and save 32 hours/week.

And that’s just on the editing…not to mention the added cost of managing projects, employees or contractors. 

What would you do with more time and more money in your pocket?

There’s no doubt about it – video teams that offshore their editing have a clear-cut advantage.

By tapping into the best talent across Latin America, we’ve assembled a dream team of editors, producers, and project managers.

Submit a job in under 5 minutes

No more time-sucking calls, project check-in's, or lengthy meetings. Our streamlined process saves you hours.

Collaborate in real-time

We work on Central Time and respond to every message you send us within an hour, ensuring your projects stay on schedule.

Make more videos

Effortlessly scale up your video editing capabilities. Increase the deliverables you can offer your clients.

Get partial or full edits

Just want an assembly, or maybe the finishing touches on an existing edit? Offload any part of the editing process.

Focus on what you do best

I.e., NOT project management. Free your mind to work on more important tasks knowing your videos will be error-free.

No surprise fees

With no hidden fees or surprise invoices, feel confident in staying on budget.

An On-demand Team At Your Fingertips.
No Training, No Managing, No Paperwork.

First drafts in 1-2 business days

Keep your projects moving forward and reliably hit deadlines.

Unlimited revisions, delivered in 24 hours

Lengthy review processes will be a thing of the past.

In-house producer & project manager

Have peace of mind knowing your projects are in good hands. Receive a response to any message within an hour.

Project Dashboard

Easily view all of your projects in one place.

Licensed music & stock footage

Forget about copyright claims or sourcing the right music, SFX, and stock.

100gb cloud storage

No cloud storage? No problem. Use our complimentary Google Drive folder to upload footage. 

Getting Videos Edited
Has Never Been Easier...

Don’t panic. It’s not rocket science to submit a job to us.

Step 1

Fill out a brief questionnaire where we ask for the details and assets to your project.

Step 2

Receive the first draft in 1-2 business daysLeave revision notes right on the video.

Step 3

Revised drafts arrive in just 24 hours or less. Don’t worry, there’s no limit on how many rounds of revisions we’ll do.

Step 4

Download your finished video and Adobe project files, along with any other assets you’ve requested.

We Know We're Good...But Don't Take Our Word For It

"Using Edit Crew has allowed us to expand our services quickly and grow our business."
"I get more time for myself to do things I couldn't do if I was bogged down with edits."

“Edit Crew is the best assistant editor I could ask for. Whether they’re taking the lead on an edit or putting the final touches on something I’ve been working on, having this team at my disposal has been amazing!”

– Patrick Frank, production company owner

“Working with Edit Crew has been such a game-changer. Now I can focus on what I do best (producing and shooting new content), and just pass all the footage along, knowing they’ll bring my vision to life. The entire process is quick, efficient, seamless and professional. I’d HIGHLY recommend them for bulk edits!”

– Lucie Fink, producer

“I would definitely recommend Edit Crew to any marketer in need of professional video services. They clearly can deliver high quality projects with short turnaround times, and on a budget.”

– Shachar, CMO

Real Reactions From Our Clients

Why Choose Edit Crew Instead Of Hiring In-House Or A Freelancer?

Want More Bang For Your Buck?

Every major company on Earth offshores parts of their business…so why aren’t you?

How much would you save by utilizing a team of experts designed to grow with you and your business’s needs?

Whether you have an existing in-house editing workflow or currently use freelancers, expanding your team shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Experienced video teams will find the versatility of Edit Crew’s scope of work indispensable by maximizing their time and efforts. 

Plus: You're Covered By
Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Let’s be clear. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the videos we’re making, we don’t want your money, because we don’t deserve it.

That’s why you’ve got 30 days to try us out. If we’re not for you, send one email to support@editcrew.com letting us know, and we’ll return your full investment. That’s a promise.

Are You Ready To Make More Video For A Fraction Of The Cost?

When it comes to making video, you deserve to stress less while getting more.

Imagine if new videos arrived in your inbox every week, you never had to manage the video editing process, and you had the support of an entire team dedicated towards your videos’ success… that’d be something, right?

You bet it would.

And all you need to do is book a call with us below to find out how Edit Crew can help throttle your video production company into HYPERDRIVE.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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What video editing software do you use?

We use the Adobe Suite (Premiere, After Effects, and Audition) to edit your videos. 

How much raw footage can I submit?

As much as you want! That said, large file submissions may experience delayed turnarounds due to increased download times.

Do I get my project files too?

Yes. Each delivery contains a draft of your video, along with the project files and any additional assets we’ve sourced.

Are your editors in-house, or freelance?

All of our editors are in-house. They are rigorously tested and trained for skill, efficiency, and a knowledge of making specifically branded content.

Is there a minimum commitment?

No. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

What's the commitment?

A monthly billed credit card payment. No contracts, cancel any time.